RVS virus alert and preventative measures to take

RVS or Respiratory Syncytial Virus is a common virus in humans and thrives at the time of the changing season.

RVS causes upper respiratory disease and more seriously might lead to bronchiolitis, pneumonia in newborns and children under 2 years old. The symptoms of RSV infection are usually very similar and can easily be confused with a common cold such as runny nose, dry cough, mild fever, vomiting, poor appetite. In severe cases, the child may breathe quickly, wheeze, have trouble breathing, cyanosis, stop eating and stop breathing. This disease is dangerous in that parents are easily confused with the common and subjective cold in caring for their babies.

Therefore, when suspecting a child is sick, parents should take their children to the nearest health facility for examination and timely treatment plan.

In addition, the RSV is easily transmitted from person to person through contact with contaminated fluids or by inhaling contaminated air. The virus can live for several hours on surfaces of tables, chairs, furniture. play, hands, etc., so controlling infection is extremely important. To prevent RSV infection, parents should avoid exposing children to people with signs of fever, cough, runny nose, or sneezing; wash hands before taking care of children; avoid kissing children and avoid taking children to crowded places. Keep the child's living environment clean by using quality antibacterial products to clean the environment around the child, avoiding kitchen smoke, cigarette smoke.


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