The miracle of the active substance named HOCl and its application

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) - The active ingredient in Baby Fresh is a component of the innate immune response in the human body, with the mechanism to release white blood cells to destroy bacteria, viruses that cause disease and support healing. Therefore, HOCl is said to be the preeminent substance to destroy harmful bacteria and prevent viral diseases. HOCl does not only kills bacteria but also has the ability to disinfect a broad spectrum of harmful microorganisms that no other substance can offer.

In developed countries, HOCl has long been certified as a safe, effective ingredient and used in products for wound healing; treatment of pruritus, diabetic ulcers, scarring, and other skin diseases; used in water purification technology, food preservation technology, and most commonly used for its anti-bacteria, germicidal and deodorizing entities.

With 2 years of extensive research and testing, the scientist of Hana Labs Korea has succeeded in applying HOCl as the active ingredient in Baby Fresh sanitizing and deodorizing spray. As a result, Baby Fresh spray is superior to products of similar properties on the market due to its efficacy in destroying bacteria, viruses and its utmost safety for users.