Baby Fresh santinizing and deodorizing replacement 300 ml (bottle)

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A sanitizing and deodorizing solution in spray form (certified by the Korean Testing&Research Institute and the Vietnam National Epidemiology Institute), which has the following characteristics:


99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses. As such, can be used to sanitize/disinfect any surface including baby utensils, bottles, pacifiers, toys, baby carriages, clothes and other baby items.

In addition, it can be used to disinfect other surfaces such as toilet, cars, used to sofa, furniture, bedding, used directly on skins as hand wash spray, etc.


At the same time, the product has the ability to effectively eliminate organic odors (food, urine, vomit, foot, damp shoe, cigarette smoke odor, etc.).

Absolute safety:

Baby Fresh is 100% safe for babies and parents. Its active ingredient is HOCl, - the very same chemical that our immune system uses to destroy bacteria and viruses. Baby Fresh naturally turns into water after contact, therefore it is completely safe to use on any surface - even when used directly on your baby's skin. So parents can feel secure when used to spray baby items/skin without rinsing with water.

Purified water, HOCl concentration of 115 ppm.

  • Used to be extracted into the spray bottle by changing the cap of the large spray bottle or by pouring into the small bottle.

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