The difference of Baby Fresh compared to other imported products of similar properties on the market

Unlike other santinizing products on the market, the active ingredient in Baby Fresh is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) which has been tested and proven to effectively kill 99.99% bacteria, germs; eliminates organic odors and safe when contact with skin, eyes and even if swallowed.

Currently, other products of similar properties on the market use ingredients such as:

- Benzalkonium chloride: has bactericidal effect, but has no deodorizing effect and can cause allergy when contact with eyes, mouth.

- Alcohol: has bactericidal effect, but cannot kill bacteria at a wide range. Also, such products often use fragarant to mask smelling odors, which could be very irritating to the skin, eyes and unsafe when swallowed.

- Phytoncide: a natural ingredient with bactericidal effect, however there is little data or certification on the efficacy of this ingredient.

Thus, it is clear that santinizing products with HOCl at a high concentrate is the optimal choice for use for babies!